Giesen Riesling 2013

No. Just… no.

Overly sweet, hardly any acidity. If I hadn’t seen the label I would have assumed this was a bottle of sauvignon blanc that had been left in the sun, then had its contents tipped out and replaced with cat urine and sugar.


Halloween adventures

This site has been through so many iterations that even I don’t remember half of them. Which is probably a good thing, judging by the quality of some of the content.

Moving forward, at least for the next little while, I’m going to attempt to document the trials and tribulations of creating a backyard Halloween haunt in a country that, whilst not necessarily anti-Halloween, certainly isn’t invested in the tradition.

A lot of the guides, how-to’s and instructables you find for Halloween are aimed at the US – fair enough since it’s such a big deal over there – but it does make tracking down materials, and finding suppliers for same, a daunting prospect.

And that’s before you even get started on electronics – 110v versus 240v!

Anyhow, my first post will be on the captivating task of finding a local equivalent to the American latex paint product known colloquially as “Drylok” – sure to be a scintillating read, so stay tuned.

Beer tasting: Lucky Ale

To quote Zoolander, “water is the essence of wetness”. Obviously the beer makers at Lucky Drink Co are big fans of water. Unfortunately for this particular brew they appear to have forgotten to add the “beer”.

Nifty bottle though!

20120701-234209.jpg 20120701-234223.jpg